about us


Our mission is to empower people from all walks of life to fall in love with every part of themselves, so that they have the confidence and courage to grab life with both hands and go after anything that brings them JOY.

Through our Dancehall Classes and Courses, we teach you mindset and movement tools to tap into your own power, express your creativity and free up your mind, body and soul.


A percentage of all business income goes towards touring Jamaican Dancehall Dancers to Australia, giving back to Jamaican Dance Creators and ‘paying the rent’ to indigenous people in Victoria for the land on which we operate our business on.




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To inspire people to go after their dreams no matter how big or how small they may be

By empowering each individual that steps foot in any of our classes, we create a bigger picture for change in their lives, as well as growing our Dancehall Scene in Australia.

Our long term vision is to have a big, well educated and supportive community that appreciates and respects Dancehall Culture. We aim to have more authentic Jamaican Dancehall Dancers involved with our Australian Dancehall Scene through touring to share culture, lived experiences and dance skills through workshops, lectures and other events.