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Due to current restrictions in Melbourne, we are unable to run classes in person. In the meantime, we will be running some online workshops and Members catch up sessions. Click here for more info

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ueen Stunts

Calling all Queens who love to be creative and expressive through movement! Join Australia's FIRST ever class dedicated to Dancehall Queen Stunts.
By now you're probably wondering what that is. 
This class is for beginners / intermediate gyals who want to learn fun ways to bruk out and express themselves such as cartwheel into a split, dance upside down in a head top, and shake their bumpa in a hand stand!
In this class we'll be strengthening and stretching out those gorgeous bodies to achieve some fun and crazy Dancehall Queen Stunts. 
The most important element to this class is that you feel more confident and empowered in your bodies, a real QUEEN! 

Ladies Only - Adults Casual Class


Class level: Beginners +

Mondays 6:00pm

If you haven't already figured out, Dancehall is like an onion...
In this casual class, you will learn many moves created by Jamaican Dancehall Dancers in the new school era (that's 2012 - present). New school Dancehall consists of many elements such as bad man style, smooth, flow and intricate moves.... and that's the beauty of it ! Every class is something different.
This class aims to challenge each individual to their level, encourages self expression and learning to feel comfortable in your body, all while gaining knowledge on Dancehall.


New School


Adults Casual Class


Class level: All levels

Mondays 7:oopm



Lucky Dip

Adults Casual Class

Introducing our brand new class by Rasta Huxx that students get to choose !

Each week we will be taking requests from our students for what they would love to learn.

Students can submit requests such as old school grooves, favourite Jamaican dance team moves, body flow and so on!

All requests will be put into the draw and whichever gets pulled out on the day, will determine the class !

What does this mean? Every week will be something different - mysterious yet exciting ;)

Class level: Beginners +

Mondays 8:oopm


Party Moves

Ever feel awkward dancing at parties ? FEAR NO MORE ;) 

Our Dancehall Party Moves will have you nailing some smooth and groovy moves that will have everyone in awe!
Taught by our very own Rasta Huxx, you will learn well - known Jamaican Dancehall steps all while expressing yourself.


Let the infectious Dancehall Riddims of this class take you on a journey to feeling free and having fun!

Adults Casual Class

Class level: Beginners +

Fridays 6:00pm

Ladies this one is especially for you !


Get in touch with your femininity and conquer the day. In this class we explore female Dancehall movements that encourage us to feel connected to our bodies and express ourselves in any way we want to!


Build confidence, gain dance skills and leave class feeling empowered.

Ladies Only - Adults Casual Class




Class level: All Levels

Fridays 7:oopm