Dancehall Queen Course

Mindset & Movement - Unleash your inner Queen 

We are all Queens, but we sometimes forget just how special and powerful we are. Life can be tricky when we can't seem to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold us back. This 4-week course is specifically designed for women to help you shift your mindset through the most exciting way ever... DANCE. More specifically, through Dancehall Queen styles...duuh, that's the title of this course!

On top of working on your mindset throughout the course, you will learn about leading Female Dancehall Pioneers and those who have a powerful impact on Dancehall culture today. 

Time to let your light shine Queen! 

saturdays 11:00am


Dancehall Foundations Course

Back 2 Basics - Mind, Body & Soul

We are going back 2 basics with 2 things!

1. Dancehall !
2. Connecting mind, body & soul

Seriously, name a better duo .... I'll wait :P

Our 4-week Dancehall Foundations Course is a chance for you to explore YOU and express that through movement & DANCE. Let your mind, body and soul flow with each movement taught that birthed Dancehall in the parties and streets of Jamaica.
On top of learning how to feel internally connected, you will also learn physical flow, technique, grooves, execution and the history of Dancehall Culture.

Back 2 basics knowledge is the 1st step

saturdays 10:00am

next course dates coming soon

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