Dancehall Queen Course

Mindset & Movement - Unleash your inner Queen 


Dancehall Foundations Course

Back 2 Basics - Mind, Body & Soul

We are all Queens, but we sometimes forget just how special and powerful we are. Life can be tricky when we can't seem to break through the things that hold us back. This 4-week beginners course is specifically designed for women to help you shift your mindset through the most exciting way ever... DANCE!!


This course is for you if you are:

✨New to dancing OR

✨Maybe you are already a dancer and would love to work on Foundations

✨Wanting to explore Feminine Movements

✨Wanting to gain more confidence

✨Looking to increase Strength & Flexibility

✨Meet like minded women who are striving towards a similar goal

On top of working on your mindset throughout the course, you will get:


🦋Confidently perform Feminine Movements by the end of our Course

🦋Group message support over 4 weeks

🦋Theory - Basic Intro (Females in Dancehall)

🦋Knowledge of movements created by leading Female Dancehall Dancers eg. Stylish Moves

🦋Videos to post, keep as a memory or use for practice 

🦋Members Rewards (Discounts on Courses & Classes)

Time to let your light shine Queen! 





Class Level: Absolute Beginners - Intermediate

We are going back 2 basics with 2 things!


1. Dancehall !
2. Connecting mind, body & soul


Our 4-week Dancehall Foundations Course is a chance for you to explore YOU and express that through movement & DANCE. Let your mind, body and soul flow with each movement taught that birthed Dancehall in the parties and streets of Jamaica.

This Course is for you if you are:

🔥New to dancing OR

🔥Are already a dancer and wanting to work on Foundations 

🔥Looking for a way to connect with Self in all aspects

🔥Wanting to look good dancing in parties

🔥Increase Fitness, Strength & Stamina

🔥Express your Character & Creativity through Dance


In addition to you learning how to flow and feel internally connected, you will also gain:


🕺🏽Confidence to perform dance moves by the end of our Course

🕺🏽Exclusive information about Jamaican Dance Culture

🕺🏽New ways for your body to Move & Groove

🕺🏽Better Rhythm & Musicality

🕺🏽Videos to post, keep as a memory or use for practice 

🕺🏽Members Rewards (Discounts on Courses & Classes)

🕺🏽Group message support over 4 weeks


Back 2 Basics Knowledge is the 1st Step!



Class Level: Absolute Beginners - Intermediate/Adv


Thursdays 7:00pm

Thursdays 8:00Pm

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