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Wagwan! If you've landed on this page right now it means that you're wanting to bring more energy, fun,  joy and laughter into your life!

You're ready to try something new, for something meaningful and exciting, something that will impact your everyday life.

You've always known that there is way more to life than just the average 9-5 and you want to awaken that power inside of you! 

Let me know if you relate to one or more of these..

I am looking for ways to bring more fun and excitement into my life.

I want to build the confidence to be able to dance and move how I like and not care what anybody thinks of me.

I want to feel a sense of freedom and express my creativity, I may currently find it hard to do this.

I am wanting to get out of my comfort zone and learn to believe in myself more.

I need something to help relieve my stress and clear my head.

I want to learn about Dancehall.

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If you relate to any one or more of the above it means ........

You're ready for a new adventure, to discover your full potential and start BELIEVING in yourself !

Our life and who we are today is a result of our upbringing and the influence our environment, experiences and people in our lives have had on us. 
You may have been told that you weren't good enough, that you wouldn't be able to achieve your dreams in life or maybe others doubted your potential... and this may have held you back alot in life.

How do we let go of this? How do we start living a fulfilling life knowing that without a shadow of a doubt that we have the capabilities and POWER to go after ANYTHING we desire in this lifetime?

The Answer? We created the supportive environment for it!


We made going after your dreams and believing in yourself FUN and EXCITING in an environment where we can express how we feel through dance without the judgement.
We made dancing a tool to assist you with breaking the limiting beliefs in your life. To show what a life of FREEDOM and JOY can do for you.

Our bodies NEED movement , your heart BEATS to keep you alive. When you stop moving you stop the flow, then we become stagnant physically, emotionally and mentally (and this impacts us in negative ways, in many areas of our lives).

Leave self judgement and expectations at the door and come see how something so fun and easy to follow can create a world full of joy and opportunities for you!

Being a youth in Jamaica had its positives and negatives.

I was someone who grew up in a great home, but being out in the streets, you're exposed to temptations that can lead you down the wrong path and lose your life just like that.


It's easier to be successful doing bad than good, but god gave me the gift of dance that was there through my struggles, and that gift enlightened the true purpose within myself.

I knew I couldn't do badness and dance, and my dreams were bigger than life so I made a choice to begin to live my life everyday being my best self, in all that I do.

Allow me to explain...

Being introduced to Dancehall at a young age kept me firm in my mindset and gave me a purpose.

I was still in school when I started learning to dance. Other older kids would see this, laugh at me, try to belittle me and try to crush my spirit.

I could have allowed the negativity, doubt and unsupportive people to get inside my head, I could have given them that power and stop dancing all together.

Instead I made a choice and from then on it ignited a fire inside me that gave me the motivation to continue to improve and better myself not only in dancing, but in every aspect in my life... and this would require me to BELIEVE in myself no matter what life threw my way.

Dance gave me the tools to get me through life.
It was there through my struggles, struggles that alot of us have known and felt, and also struggles that many may not have experienced if you're living in a first world country.

On days I was heartbroken, on days I felt like the world was ontop of my shoulders, on days that stress would consume me,  when I lost sight of where I was going in life,

Dance reminded me of my full potential, and to continue to believe in myself every single day, even when things were rough.

I stand proud today, having achieved many of my dreams.

Dreams that would have never been possible if I had decided to keep myself in the dark all those years ago, if I had listened to all those who doubted me, if I had given up when things were tough.

Today I inspire other to wake up to their full potential, to believe the life they want to live is possible, to build your strength to handle whatever life throws your way... to empower you to go after anything in life that brings you JOY.

If I can do it, you can do it!!!

                                                                                            - Rasta Huxx


A gift that was there through my struggles ...

About the course
Why you need it!


Our Beginners Dancehall Foundations - Back 2 Basics is a 6-Week program for Adults taught exclusively by RastaHuxx - Jamaican Cultural Ambassador, Dancer, Choreographer & model.

Dancehall Foundations Course has been intentionally designed with beginners in mind to encourage you to go after anything you want in life that brings you joy through Dance & Movement.

With easy to follow moves and practices, this course will provide you the tools & skills to impact a variety of different areas in your life (mentally, emotionally and physically to name a few!).

Rather than learning basic choreography while staring into a mirror, our courses focus on the energy and feelings behind dance and how we can use dance to unlock our inner power, and start believing in ourselves.

Each new block of our 6-Week Dancehall Foundations Course has something new and different to learn every single time -

no 2 courses are the same ! 

That means you can participate in our Dancehall Foundations Course as many times as you wish and never get bored !

ONB website designs (7).png
ONB website designs (7).png
ONB website designs (7).png
ONB website designs (7).png
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Throughout the course you will:

Gain Confidence in Dance and Self in a Supportive and Judgement Free Environment

Learn the basics and fundamental movements of Jamaican Dance & Culture

Gain a wealth of skill & knowledge to apply to everyday life

Feel happier after each class than when you did at the start of class  (thanks dopamine & endorphins!)

Learn to feel free and have a whole heap of fun with like-minded people while building fitness and endurance

Become more comfortable with Self Expression 

Learn how to invite more Joy & Excitment into your life


In addition to all the course goodness, you will get acess to:


Support Group over the 6-week course via Whataspp to stay connected, up to date and feel supported through your journey.

Specialised playlist that will be used throughout the 6 week course, jam packed with all the good stuff!


And on top of all that, you'll also get access to these amazing bonuses!!


Personalised video of yourself / group to keep as a memory, share with family and friends, to post on socials or to track your progress throughout your dance journey.


Discounts !!
You'll receive a discount if you'd love to do a new round of any of our courses.

You'll also receive a discount on any of our Casual Class Passes.

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Free Casual Class !

You'll have access to1 free casual class of your choice during the duration of the course.

Check out what our students have had to say...

I have always loved moving my body but had never considered dancing. The thought of joining a dance class was nerve-racking considering I had little to no dance experience.

In 2021 I decided to bite the bullet and enrol myself into the Beginners Dancehall Foundations Course.

All I wanted out of the course was to gain some skills and have some fun, but by the end of the course I had gained so much more.

The connections I shared with everyone in the room and the relationship I was able to build with myself was a gift I never expected.

Within a matter of 6 weeks I built the confidence to dance and move my body in a way that felt natural to me, I felt free to be me. 

Rasta Huxx really created such a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for us all to enjoy dancing without feeling judged.
The skills I have learned since being with Out N Bad Dance Studios have really impacted me in so many ways, as I've learned that movement is so powerful in overcoming anything that I had once thought was limiting me . This has allowed me to grow as a person and reach my goals more quickly.

I would more than 10000% recommend this course to anyone who not only wants to learn how to dance and learn more about Dancehall, but to anyone who wants to gain a new perspective of yourself and the world.

Denise Saenz




Who is Rasta Huxx and what can he do for me?


Shamar (well known as Rasta Huxx) is an international Dance Instructor, Model, Choreographer, Lecturer, Cultural Ambassador, Performer, MC for events and a professional E-Sports Player for the Jamaican National Team.



Rasta is a former member of one of Jamaica’s well-known dance crews called Overload Skankaz. He was part of the group for 5 years before dancing solo and touring different countries such as Russia & Australia, to teach his famous dance moves, choreography and judging Dancehall events.

Being born and raised in Jamaican Culture, Rasta Huxx grew up learning all eras of Dancehall including Old School, Middle School and New School Dancehall as well as other street styles such as Flow, Groove, Smoothness, Hardcore, Rave / Party Moves.


Rasta has shared the stage and worked with many different local and international artists such as Yaksta, Kranium, Voicemail, Spice, Damian Marley, Stacious & Ninja Man.


He has been lectured and guided by Dancehall Pioneers such as Global Bob & Boysie Roses.

In 2018, Rasta joined the newly formed New School Dancehall Crew FLAME TEAM in Jamaica.

He has also walked the Runway at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2020 and part of their campaign video in 2019 which was featured in GQ Magazine.

He has recently founded Out N Bad Dance Studios alongside his life & business partner Giselle, brining the Jamaican Dancehall vibe to Melbourne’s South East.


Rasta Huxx aims to share his love and passion for his culture and leave a positive impact on others. He believes that dancing changes and touches lives. Dance is more than movement; it’s a feeling that frees the mind, body and soul. It’s a language that everyone speaks and understands, the universal soul connection of peace and love, we love Dancehall.

Having been through some very rough struggles in life and overcoming these through using the skills and tools learnt through dance, Rasta Huxx now inspires his students and anyone in his presence to believe in themselves, to dig deep to find and enlighten that spark and power within them and to go after anything in life that brings them JOY!!


 ...and if you already know Rastahuxx, the familiar cry of his devoted fans can be heard shouting…. NOOOSAHH!

If you've made it this far, you're probably considering about giving Dancehall Foundations a go!

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For all the mental, emotional and physical value / skills you gain from this course on top of ongoing support and access to some epic bonuses...

ONB website designs (11)_edited.jpg

Your investment in Dancehall Foundations Course is



(we also have very limited spaces for each course so please spare yourself the fomo and get in nice and early! )

Payment options available, please contact us for more information.

You are bigger than your fears, stronger than your doubts,
and more capable than you could ever imagine.
You'll be amazed at what you attract when you start believing in what you deserve



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