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If you're 5 years old and found this page you must be

Jimmy Neutron, otherwise HI MUM !

Kidz 5-8

Dancehall Grooves 

Let's be honest, it can be quite tricky finding the right place for your little ones to learn how to express themselves and control their emotional and physical energy. This is where our Kidz Corner comes in ! (cue round of applause) :D

Kidz Dancehall Grooves is more than just a Dance Class, it's a safe and fun place for kidz to burn energy, meet new friends their age and set individual goals on top of building skill, coordination, creativity and confidence.

We know you'll love us ....... because your FIRST CLASS IS ON US !
Keep an eye out for your confirmation email & arrive 10 minute early so we can get

to know you and the new Kid on our team !


I wish I had these classes when I was a Kid !! Mum would have wanted to join in all the fun!

Give your youngsters the chance to join in on the best 45 minutes of the week, Kidz Dancehall Grooves! Jam packed with dancing, games and challenges, kidz learn a range of skills from coordination & musicality, to being confident to express themselves while having fun and achieving kiddie goals along the way. 

Kidz 9-12

Dancehall Grooves 

AND just because we appreciate you taking the time to see what ONB Kidz Corner is all about....... YOUR FIRST CLASS IS ON US !

Keep an eye out for your confirmation email & be sure to arrive 10 minutes so we can get to know you and your little superstar better !