Shamar (well known as Rasta Huxx) is an international Dance Instructor, Model, Choreographer, Lecturer, Cultural Ambassador, Performer, MC for events and a professional E-Sports Player for the Jamaican National Team.



Rasta Huxx

He is a former member of one of Jamaica’s well-known dance crews called Overload Skankaz. Rasta Huxx was part of the group for 5 years before dancing solo and 

Being born and raised in Jamaican Culture, Rasta Huxx grew up learning all eras of Dancehall including Old School, Middle School and New School Dancehall as well as other street styles such as Flow, Groove, Smoothness, Hardcore, Rave / Party Moves.


touring different countries such as Russia & Australia, to teach his famous dance moves, choreography and judging Dancehall events.

Along side his team, Rasta has worked with many different local and international artists such as Voicemail, Spice, Damian Marley and producer Monkey Marc featuring Spacious and Ninja Man.


He has been lectured and guided by Dancehall Pioneers such as Global Bob & Boysie Roses.

Rasta Huxx has also walked the Runway at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2020 and part of their campaign video in 2019 which was featured in GQ Magazine,


He has recently founded Out N Bad Dance Studios alongside Giselle, brining the Jamaican Dancehall vibe to Melbourne’s South East.


Rasta Huxx aims to share his love and passion for his culture and leave a positive impact on others. He believes that dancing changes and touches lives. Dance is more than a movement; it’s a feeling that frees the mind, body and soul. It’s a language that everyone speaks and understands, the universal soul connection of peace and love, we love Dancehall, and if you know Rastahuxx, then you’ve heard this before…. NOOOSAHH!

In 2018, Rasta joined the newly formed New School Dancehall Crew FLAME TEAM in Jamaica.


DHQ Gizzmery

Giselle’s dance journey began at 13 through the style of Hip Hop and Choreography. When joining her first Dance

In 2014 Giselle discovered her genuine love for Dancehall and has made

In February 2016, Giselle successfully completed her Stylish Moves Teacher Certification (Level 1); created by Latonya Style; the Founder and CEO of Dance Jamaica (DanceJa) and Popular Jamaican Dancehall Expert. In 2019 Giselle completed and advanced to Level 2 whilst in Jamaica.

Giselle has had many performance opportunities around the globe, such as being part of music videos with Spice, Monkey Marc, Ninja Man and Stacious, opening acts for Kranium and Charly Black, performing at local events such as the Jamaican Music and Food Festival in Melbourne, Seven Sisters Festival and New Years Eve performances at Federation Square.

She has also had the opportunity to work along side Australian Artists such as Baker Boy, Shottaz and Thelma Plum in her Clumsy Love Music Video.


crew, Giselle represented Australia in the World Hip Hop Championships in 2011 in Las Vegas, which was a huge 

 accomplishment and set her standards high right from the beginning.

 it her mission to become educated in the Culture as much as possible.

While travelling back and forth to Jamaica every year, she has had the opportunity to learn from many Dancehall Pioneers and develop a deeper level of understanding about the Dancehall Culture and way of life.

In 2018, Giselle won the title of Australian Dancehall Queen. She is currently part of Melbourne’s first and only female Dancehall Crew, Burn City Queenz.

She has recently founded Out N Bad Dance Studios alongside Rasta Huxx, aiming to bring the Dancehall vibe to Melbourne’s South East.

Giselle aims to inspire, empower and bring people together through her love and passion for dance.